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Located in the heart of Tigard, Performance Project is more than gym, it’s a way of life.

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Performance Project opened in early 2018 and is located in the heart of Tigard, OR. Since then, Berley White, Owner and Performance Coach; along with his team, has been dedicating their time and talents inspiring clients to achieve their fitness goals and transform their lifestyle.

Performance Project is more than a gym, it’s a way a life. You won’t find personal trainers, group fitness classes or fad diets here. P2 is committed to transforming you to become the best version of YOURSELF. We pair you with your own Performance Coach who will mentor and guide you on your fitness journey. Offering 1:1 and nutrition coaching, P2 is there every step on the way.



Performance Project

9225 SW Hall Blvd. suite B 

Tigard, OR 97223



(503) 395-0461

Berley White

Founder/Owner/Performance Coach/Nutrition Coach


My original goal was to be a Physical Therapist focusing on athletic training. While doing my internship with an arena football team, I realized I was more passionate about health and fitness as a whole, not just making athletes better or helping them recover from injuries. From that moment I’ve devoted my time educating my clients on how to stay consistent with their health/fitness and achieving goals they never thought possible.

What I specialize in: I like to consider myself a lifelong student of fitness. I spend a lot of time learning and trying out new things. It’s hard for me to say I specialize in just one area. The areas I’m most passionate about are: Movement mechanics (FMS certified), sports performance/power lifts (NASM PES certified), injury prevention and recovery, Nutrition (PN1 certified), Mobility and flexibility training… I feel like I could go on and on. I enjoy learning all things health and fitness!

Things I do for fun: There is never a dull moment at The White’s house! Things are always crazy and fun with my wife Grace and 2 boys, Malachi and Ezra. I enjoy my family time, I bowl weekly in a bowling league, and I play in football and basketball leagues when I get the chance. I’m also working toward being a professional golfer (not really…). Oh, and I like to participate in workout competitions!

Jason Reed

Co-Owner/Performance Coach

It all started when…

I realized I enjoyed helping people. Not just in the gym, but also in life. There is no better feeling than knowing I am helping people achieve their goals. I have a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science of Motor Behavior and a Masters degree in Education, and I feel the two together really help in my coaching abilities. Being a coach also helps me grow through life in a positive direction. While I am helping my students, they are helping me as well.

What I specialize in: I specialize in many areas of fitness. Fat loss, strength gain, as well as speed and agility to name a few. I am also a senior fitness specialist, and Golf fitness specialist. I use a variety of tools in my programming such as free weights, barbells, bodyweight work, and my personal favorite, kettlebells!

Things I do for fun: I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. I recently got a dog named Juils and I can’t get enough of her— I think she is the best thing ever! When I’m not spending time with family and friends, I’m often watching sports or coaching high school baseball. Other hobbies include home brewing beer, poker with friends, bowling, golfing and drawing.

Tim Eshelman

Performance Coach/Nutrition Coach/CSCS


After graduating college, I was looking for a career that didn’t involve wearing a suit or sitting in an office for 40 hours a week. A close friend mentioned that as a trainer/coach, you could wear sweatpants and athletic gear all day; I was immediately sold. I also interned with the University of Oregon’s strength and conditioning program while in school and after working with their football and track and field teams, I was inspired to become a strength/performance coach. Over the past few years, I learned that coaching is much less about training and more about developing relationships and educating your clients, which is where I truly found my passion.

What I specialize in: I specialize in general strength and performance training. It’s all about mastering the basics – I enjoy teaching beginners how to build a strong foundation they can build upon for years to come.

Things I do for fun: Aside from being an avid Ducks and Blazers fan, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, exploring nature, and eating good food in my free time.

A’Leesha Truelove

TrueLoveYoga/Yoga Coach

It all started when…

I was living in Austin and looking for a change in not only my body but my lifestyle. I had no intention of teaching or coaching. I only had where I was and where I wanted to go. What I didn't realize was how powerful everything in between & beyond was. Once I felt the change in my life and my joy and my happiness I knew I had to share it with others. I moved to Portland and registered for yoga teacher training through CorePower Yoga within the first six months of being here. I've never looked back. I chose them for their focus on alignment and safety which I carry into my classes for my students. Knowing that it's different on everybody and every human. Fitness has become a lifestyle for me and I hope to help others see how incorporating yoga and stretching into their current routine increases mobility, flexibility, strength training, cardio, and breath.

What I specialize in: I specialize in vinyasa. Vinyasa is the connection of breath to movement. Intentional lifeforce. I present my students with the opportunity of awareness. Awareness of their body and mind and the connection between the two. There is no one look or one perfect posture. There is only your breath, your movement, and how it makes you feel. My goal is for my students to be comfortable to ask questions, to push themselves, and to have fun. I hope to help them them to see that yoga isn't for one type of person or body but for all.

Things I do for fun: I have two amazing and crazy big dogs, Ranger and Lilo. They both came up from Texas with me and everyday is an adventure. I LOVE to cook! I'm fully planted based and cruelty free so I've spent the last few years learning new techniques and trying lots of new foods! I like anything outdoors: hiking, paddle boarding, laying in the Sun, beer on the patio. I've never lived so close to mountains or the ocean so I try to see both when I can. I find deep joy and exploring both myself and the world around me. I like to spend time with friends and family as much as possible, but also love my time to myself. I like to take care of my plant babies as well and hope to have a full garden one day!