Meet Berley

Founder/Owner/Performance Coach/Nutrition Coach

Founder/Owner/Performance Coach/Nutrition Coach


It all started when…

My original goal was to be a Physical Therapist focusing on athletic training. While doing my internship with an arena football team, I realized I was more passionate about health and fitness as a whole, not just making athletes better or helping them recover from injuries. From that moment I’ve devoted my time educating my clients on how to stay consistent with their health/fitness and achieving goals they never thought possible.

What I specialize in: I like to consider myself a lifelong student of fitness. I spend a lot of time learning and trying out new things. It’s hard for me to say I specialize in just one area. The areas I’m most passionate about are: Movement mechanics (FMS certified), sports performance/power lifts (NASM PES certified), injury prevention and recovery, Nutrition (PN1 certified), Mobility and flexibility training… I feel like I could go on and on. I enjoy learning all things health and fitness!

Things I do for fun:  There is never a dull moment at The White’s house! Things are always crazy and fun with my wife Grace and 2 boys, Malachi and Ezra. I enjoy my family time, I bowl weekly in a bowling league, and I play in football and basketball leagues when I get the chance. I’m also working toward being a professional golfer (not really…). Oh, and I like to participate in workout competitions!